Representative New Mexico Start-up Companies


ActiveClean by CleanSpot, a premium hand sanitizer formulated with natural ingredients. Not only does ActiveClean instantly kill 99.99% of germs when applied to your hands, it also continues to protect you from harmful germs and bacteria after its been applied.


Agilvax develops cancer immunotherapies and targeted vaccines for infectious diseases utilizing its proprietary virus-like-particle (VLP) platform technology. Agilvax actively pursues and welcomes collaborations and partnerships with industry, academia, and government institutions.


Avisa Pharma Inc. is a venture-backed healthcare company commercializing a rapid, point-of-care breath test for the diagnosis of pulmonary infections.


Biophagy, Inc. develops pharmaceutical products that stimulate autophagy. This complex process works within cells to isolate, degrade, and recycle damaged organelles, denatured proteins, and invading infectious agents. It is implicated in numerous diseases of aging, infections, and other serious conditions. Biophagy is currently working with Sandia National Laboratories to investigate its patented autophagy combination drugs as a defense against resistant strains of tuberculosis.


BioSafe Technologies is a startup company focused on putting a new class of antimicrobial into the hands of healthcare professionals. Consisting of polymers and oligomers, these antimicrobials work fast to disinfect surfaces contaminated with viruses, fungi, and antibiotic resistant bacteria.


Cylenta Pharmaceuticals is developing a drug therapy to slow the progression of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), based on technology from UNM. The drug is an acute anti-inflammatory treatment that has been successfully tested in animals and is moving towards clinical trials.


Dynamic Photonics enables optical communication to go faster, and reach further, while using less energy and taking up less space. The company’s technology improves the sensitivity of Avalanche Photodiodes by up to 6db, which translates into a multiplication (at least doubling) of performance, when measured by speed, and even greater improvements when measured by distance.


Ecopesticides International (EPI) is a research and development firm in the field of biologically derived environmentally-friendly pesticides. EPI’s technologies utilize naturally derived organisms (bacteria, fungi and nematodes) as well as organically-derived essential plant extracts to kill agricultural pests (grubs, grasshoppers, locusts, aphids, etc.).


ElectroSeq is a next-generation DNA sequencing company developing technology to drive precision medicine. ElectroSeq’s DNA sequencer consists of an instrument and a disposable chip that will carry out sequencing by synthesis.


Enthentica has developed a new hardware-embedded cyber security PUF (Physically Unclonable Function) technology called HELP to address vulnerabilities of existing security methods for FPGA and ASIC chips. The HELP key generation (KG) engine can be integrated into legacy FPGAs systems and has been proven to meet the highest standards of emerging anti-tampering and secret key generation standards.


Eta Diagnostics, Inc. (ETAD) is a New Mexico start-up devoted to the development and commercialization of high throughput “massively parallel” flow cytometry. The throughput of ETAD’s massively parallel flow cytometry technology is 100X that of current serial flow cytometers.


Etkie celebrates the rich landscape and cultural heritage of the southwestern United States. Our collections are produced by Native American women in New Mexico. Their mission to make the production process as beautiful as the products created by ensuring that all of the products are crafted or finished by talented individuals in underemployed communities.


EquiSeq is the first company to blend scientific discovery with horse breeding. Their main focus is to help one purchase a horse with confidence, test and understand the genetic make-up of the horse, and aid in breeding better horses.


Exovita Biosciences, Inc. is a New Mexico-based biotech start-up company that is developing potentially transformative, exosome-based cancer therapeutics that harness the body’s natural defenses to fight cancer.


InnoBright’s “Altus” denoiser software saves millions of dollars in rendering costs for animation studios, commercial visual effects studios, gaming companies, CAD/CAM, scientific visualization and architectural/engineering firms. This patent protected filtering algorithm plugs into existing Monte Carlo rendering systems, allowing customers to render less and produce high quality output.


LoboLoxe has a method and is working on a device to allow users to temporarily color hair or imprint a design on their hair. The process uses heat and the diffraction of light so that when viewed from a certain angle the color or design appears.


The New Mexico Start-Up Factory is an intellectual properties holding company created by the New Mexico Angels. They have an innovative approach to working with scientists looking to commercialize their innovations.


OptiPulse has invented a technology that is changing communications by introducing a paradigm shift in information bandwidth. OptiPulse’s 5G wireless infrastructure will enable 5G much sooner than thought by linking hubs with a “photonic bridge” using OptiPulse’s multidimensional multiplexing wireless links at over 100 Gbps by interlaced invisible beams.


Osazda Energy, Inc. is a materials and solar component company based on technologies developed at the University of New Mexico by Dr. Sang Han and Dr. Sang Eon Han. The company is working to commercialize their cooling coatings technology as well as their innovations to increase the absorption on solar panels, prevent cracking in solar panels and absorption of light through metals.


SolaranRx is an emerging growth company developing a new class of therapies and companion imaging agents to treat metastatic melanoma. SolaranRx precisely targets deadly melanoma tumors with a radiolabeled peptide, offering unique therapeutic potential with minimal side effects.


SportXast is an app that crowdsources sports highlights, making it easy to keep the most ardent fans up-to-date with real-time game highlights. Fans create and join an event to capture and share game highlights. The product’s magic button captures the previous 8 seconds of action when tapped, making it routine to catch the goals, touchdowns and home runs.


Trusted & Secure Systems (TruSecSys) provides an iron-clad, hardware-based, security and trust foundation for modern electronic systems. The company’s hardware-oriented security and trust (HOST) foundation is based on security and trust primitives (STPs) which provide each component of the microelectronic system with a unique DNA-like identity that is very low cost and unclonable.


UbiQD, LLC produces low-toxicity quantum dots (QDs) so inexpensively that they will become ubiquitous through various target applications including safety, design, solar energy, lighting, security, and personal care.


Wedge Communications’ mission is to bring to market web-based and mobile technology that help individuals enhance wellness and prevent chronic disease by improving their lifestyle behaviors.


Zocere, Inc. is a New Mexico-based biotech company that is developing novel therapeutics for neurological diseases, including stroke and offering services to other entities developing stroke related diagnostics and treatments.