2020 Innovate New Mexico Technology Showcase

This special collaborative event will highlight research and technology opportunities, start-up companies, and economic development resources from the leading research institutions in the state of New Mexico!


Representatives and researchers will be in attendance from seven major research institutions in New Mexico, including the University of New Mexico, the Air Force Research Lab, Los Alamos National Lab, Sandia National Labs, NASA–White Sands Test Facility, New Mexico Tech and New Mexico State University.

Keynote Speaker: Omar Hatamleh, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Space Studies Program, International Space University

Chief Innovation Officer, Engineering, NASA

Founder and Executive Chairman, Cross Industry Innovation Summit


Dr. Omar Hatamleh is the Executive Director of the Space Studies Program at International Space University. In addition to his role at ISU, Omar is the Chief Innovation Officer, Engineering at NASA. Prior to that he was the Deputy Chief Scientist at NASA ARC responsible for identifying new and promising areas of scientific research and supporting technologies that can be integrated into the Center's capabilities. Omar has twenty years of aerospace industry experience and has published over 33 international journal articles; he has four engineering degrees, speaks four languages, and has been an invited keynote speaker to multiple national and international events including major innovation conferences, Google, IBM, European Investment Fund, etc.


Omar received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Jordan. Later, he obtained Master of Science in Mechanical engineering from California State University, Sacramento and Master of Engineering in Materials Engineering from North Carolina State University. He also holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering from University of South Carolina.

Omar Hatamleh


Technology Presentations

Discover the innovative technologies that will be featured in this year's Innovate New Mexico. Also stay tuned for recordings of the event where you can view recordings of the presentations.


Adaptive Biomedical Design connects idea generators with students, teachers, engineers, marketing and patent experts. And the technology and resources to design, prototype and patent their ideas to create solutions – new advances, innovations and inventions – in the biomedical and medical fields.


Biosafe Defenses, LLC is proud to be on the forefront of commercialization for a new class of light-enhanced antimicrobials. Our current mission (but by no means our exclusive mission) is to provide healthcare professionals with an improved disinfecting wipe that they desperately need to maintain a safe, healthy, and infection-free environment for patients, providers and staff at all point-of-care sites throughout the US and the world. biosafedefenses.com/


CNM Ingenuity supports a new approach to education that provides accelerated educational and training opportunities in key workforce areas, wrap-around support for aspiring entrepreneurs, and cooperative ventures that foster economic development and job creation in the region. Since being established as a 501(c)3 in 2014 under the New Mexico Research Park Act, CNM Ingenuity has made tremendous progress on behalf of Central New Mexico Community College and the local economy.

The mission of CNM Ingenuity Inc. is to promote the public welfare and prosperity of the people of New Mexico and foster economic development within both the private and public sectors of the New Mexico community. CNM Ingenuity Inc. accomplishes this purpose by forging links between New Mexico’s educational institutions, businesses, industries, and government.

New Mexico Economic Development Department provides New Mexico-based businesses or businesses relocating to the state with the information and services, incentives and connections to help businesses start, grow or relocate to New Mexico. gonm.biz


New Mexico Start-Up Factory (NMSUF) specializes in sourcing and transitioning laboratory technologies into investible companies. In our innovative model, we work with scientists striving to commercialize their innovations in order to take them to market. Through our program, technologists are coached through the validation of the technology and market, and are then paired with the right management team. A commercialization and business plan/model is formed and if all signs point to a good market opportunity and promising technological development, a company is formed. nmangels.com/nmsuf


Nob Hill Therapeutics is a Delaware Corporation, founded to develop and market DryNeb, a first-in-kind dry powder nebulizer to address large pulmonary drug delivery market opportunities. The company has exclusively licensed the technology from the University of New Mexico. nobhilltherapeutics.com/


MicroCeres, LLC offers the first implantable sensor system capable of tracking plant water status in real time. Our technology takes the guesswork out of irrigation. Our sensors enable direct feedback from plants to inform water status and demand. With our tools, your plants will tell you when they need water, and how much they need. We combine extensive expertise in plant physiology with cutting edge materials to develop custom sensor suites tailored to your plant monitoring needs. microceres.com


Perspective Components is an engineering company developing the world’s smallest security focused Visual Intelligence System. PCI’s goal is to redefine the standard of video security systems, while also providing unique solutions for small satellites and other bandwidth constrained applications. PCI’s approach to integrating artificial intelligence with revolutionary hardware has resulted in best in class IOT performance and multiple patents. www.perspectivecomponents.com


Sandia Biotech, Inc. is a company located in Albuquerque, with a focus on generating fluorescent drug-discovery and diagnostic tools. We currently specialize in the manufacture and distribution of unique fluorescent proteins and antibodies that yield superior results and save time and money for those who work in biomedical research. Our goal is to expand our technologies into the areas of diagnosis and therapeutics.  sandiabio.com


ShearIT, LLC Their mission is development of the patented pharmaceutical application of a drag reducing polymer (DRP) a high molecular weight (4000 kDa) long-chain polyethylene oxide (PEO) polymer, LAMAFLO®, for the treatment of clinical cerebral ischemia as in vascular dementia (VaD), Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and Stroke.


For over 20 years Speck Design has been working with companies (big and small) to bring products to market. We are excited to extend our Silicon Valley expertise to Southwest with our recently opened office in New Mexico.  Speck Design combines best-in-category engineering, design, and design thinking to create engaging and emotionally connected products. One of our main focuses is working with entrepreneurs and early stage startups to supercharge their business. Our award-winning design process quickly translate ideas and concepts into reality, whether it is visual models like sketches, CAD, or physical prototypes. speckdesign.com





VisionQuest Biomedical, Inc. has developed the EyeStar artificial intelligence (AI) system to end preventable blindness. EyeStar has screened over 24,000 patients at risk for going blind from diabetes related eye disease and is set for expansion in Mexico and Latin America. visionquest-bio.com


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